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Dear Applicant,
You have been given an opportunity to take part in the entrance examination of Degree Programme in Business Information Technology at Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences.
You can take the entrance examination either in Finland OR in the country mentioned in the invitation letter. In Finland, the exam is free of charge. The exams in countries outside Finland are arranged in co-operation with local partner institutions that charge a registration fee to cover the administration costs.
Information on the structure of the entrance examination can be found below. Information on the examination dates and registration arrangements in countries outside Finland can be found in the following pages.
For more information about the exam arrangements in Finland, please contact our Admissions Office/ Mrs Elina Koivusalo (admissions@tokem.fi or Tel. +358 50 310 9419).
Structure of the Entrance Examination:
The entrance examination will include three parts:
„h Part A: Readiness and motivation. This section measures the applicantЎ¦s readiness and motivation for the study programme (max. 20 points).
„h Part B: Problem solving and mathematical and logical thinking. This part is for testing the applicantЎ¦s problem solving and mathematical and logical thinking (max. 50 points).
„h Part C: Material-based tasks. This is a material based task and the material (an article) is delivered to the applicants at the beginning of the exam. The applicants may keep the material the whole duration of the exam (max. 30 points).
Length of the Exam:
The total duration of the entrance examination will be 3 hours.
Equipment and materials allowed:
You may only bring your writing material (pencil/ pen, sharpener, eraser and ruler) to the examination. Any other tools such as calculators, dictionaries, formula books and mobile phones are strictly forbidden.
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