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На финском тут есть отдельно на Suomenkielinen palsta. Вот один мои стих на английском, этот же стих ест на финском на Suomenkielinen palsta.

Endless you are

You are the river, which is flowing through my fingers
And runs away from me.
You are living, you’re making me grieve.

You are the wind, which is spinning around me
And lifting the sand up in the air, but it doesn’t touch me.
You’re high, you’re making me reach.

You are the blue ocean,
Where water is so cold, that I can’t swim.
You are deep, you’re making me drown.

You are the sun, which is shining all day long
But it’s light doesn’t warm me.
You are freezing, you’re making me cold.

You are the forest, where I’m walking with my eyes closed.
Invisible road leads to nowhere.
You are dark, you’re making me lose the way.

You are the dream, which will never come true.
It fades away, when I’m thinking of you.
You are the twisted truth, you’re making me believe.

You are the space, where everything disappears.
Your emotions are gone, you can’t love anymore.
How endless you are, that I can’t understand you.

Evgenia 02.11.04
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