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[QUOTE=Anna Leskinen]

Anna Leskinen,

first of all ya xocu poblagodarit Vas za cenie info kotorie Vi vsegda nam dayote. (Researcher, fonoved, suomi.ru)

I know that this webpage for Russian speakers as I am, but now it will be easier for me to write in English. I dont mind if you reply in Russian that everybody could understand

A few month ago you published article about new law of getting KELA for students, it says here: http://finoved.madistudio.com/?idm=6&op=main&idcont=143.

I applied for Master`s degree in Helsinki University , the result of getting me in will be no later than in June. I had residence permit type B3, which was valid 31.05.2003 till 31.05.04. Right now, I am gonna apply for second residence permit with work purpose for more than one year. I guess I will got it approximately in May.
So my question is can I get my scholarship with residence permit type B3 if I get it in May and after that the master’s classes at university will start on August but my residence permit has other purpose than study even if I have it for such short time before enrolling to university?

Thank you for reply,

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