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Astra Zeneca первоначально протестировала свою вакцину путём однократного введения 1066 добровольцам, но не получила желаемого эффекта. Признав свою неудачу, они перешли на тестирование двукратного введения вакцины, но только на 10 добровольцах ...
На 1 этапе (в апреле фаза 1/2) привили больше 1000 и 10 с двухкратным введением, на 2 этапе (в июле фаза 2/3) привили около 10 000 (и одноразово, и двухкратно), на 3 этапе (с конца августа фаза 3) собрались привить в США 30 000, сколько человек успели привить до плохого эпизода не известно.
См. инфо:
Phase I/II
1,077 participants were recruited beginning in April 2020 across multiple study sites in Oxford.. The dose used in this trial was chosen based on previous experiences with other ChAdOx1 based vaccines. There was also a separate small group of 10 volunteers who received 2 doses of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 four weeks apart....After receiving the vaccine, participants record any symptoms experienced for 7 days. They also record if they felt unwell for the following three weeks..follow-up visits to check their observations, and take a blood sample. These blood samples are used to assess the immune response to the vaccine, by testing neutralising antibody and T cell responses.
Phase II/III
In total this study will enrol up to 10,560 adults and children across the UK..Aged 56–69 Aged over 70 Aged 5–12 years... As of mid-July 2020, over 8,000 people had been recruited..adult participants are randomised to receive one or two doses of either the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine or a licensed vaccine (MenACWY) that is used as a ‘control’ for comparison

Development of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine expands into US Phase III clinical trial
2nd Sep 2020 Trial centres across the US are recruiting up to 30,000 adults ..together with the US Phase III clinical trial will enrol up to 50,000 participants globally